The Strutt Foundation was established in 2008 following the death of James W. Strutt, by his family, friends, and colleagues, and was incorporated as Fondation STRUTT Foundation in 2013 as a Canadian not-for-profit organization.


Through Scholarship, Research, Mentorship and Public Interaction programs, the Strutt Foundation supports projects and individuals that make meaningful contributions to critical modernist architectural discovery and discourse. The Strutt Foundation supports research, education, and conservation efforts of all Modern Architectural heritage within central Canada. We benefit from both public and private sector donations for our activities, and create partnerships with organizations/individuals who share our goals in support of these initiatives.


To become a centre of expertise, and leading organization devoted to celebrating and promoting research in the field of central Canada’s modernist heritage. To work with other heritage organizations to collaborate on initiatives that could benefit them and other public/private institutions by increasing the publics’ awareness of the role and the value of our architectural, environmental and cultural heritage.

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